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My dreams this is going to be a hard one to find

Posted by BrianWilliamShea on January 29, 2018 at 4:05 AM
When deep into thought, I take off ; whether sipping a soda, or busting down into my blog; I'm true hip hop! I'm no rapper; I'm only what I dream myself to be whether if I'm coming off strong into my blog or just singing carelessly; things on this site is all where it at! Money is a big thing ; for me and for many, my imagination grew into a mustang sports utility vehicle and corvette sports utility vehicle too !I started to focus and I'm still trying to make my dreams reality I think I need glasses but I'm not the only one whether true hip hop or just spitting lines in a blog I've begun my life and well he's to say how many people live day to day; now what I'm getting to because I can look back at all the good that's happened and I'm not going back; to drugs yeah this is a public announcement I started way back about 10 years ago when I had nothing to show no dreams just living it day to day where that black and white lens started to change ! I started to fantasize how life could be with just pouring out those bottles saying goodbye to slow living and really push my imagination's throttle; I said good bye to living bottle to bottle! It all started back a long time ago where I began to say no to drugs and get back to my friends my friends persevered into everyday life me my dreams took place and words began to make sense they still are making sense whether I'm dreaming of building cars or pushing on that business life! I'm taking off and so will you stay away from drugs and your company will grow well for me it's been 10 years since I got clean and sober and life well life became more organized I can say no to partying and working on my king size lifestyle .

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